The Goddess, the Gush and the Circles Billee Sharp

The gloomiest thing I saw this morning was not the gray rain-ready skies but the sad slump of my thirteen year old’s shoulders as he sipped his tea and watched the underwater footage of what is left of the Deepwater Horizon rig on the computer screen.

“That,” he said somberly, “is not a spill.” Viv is right, its not a spill, it is much more like a gush, at least that’s the word that came to my mind as we watched the unending plume of crude oil emitting relentlessly from the pathetic stalk of pipe on the ocean floor.

We talked about BP’s plan to seal the rupture with concrete and mud and he wondered about the logistics of working at that depth and what might happen when the hole was sealed. “It might explode with the pressure,” he worried, “Then what will we do?”

Of course our boy knows that I don’t have the answer to this most important question, but he needs some reassurance that humankind can bandage this wound effectively. The Deepwater catastrophe happened on April 20th, 2010, those responsible hid as much of the story as they could  for as long as they could and the U.S. government colluded with them. Before Viv took off for school he did a search on Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, he took a long hard look at his photograph on Wikipedia.

“The Earth will survive,”I told him, “ and maybe this is really going to make us re-think our energy sources.” Certainly I’ve been driving less and less in the last month. This is not just altruism, our car seems to have numerous serious issues, acting out like a microcosm of our oil-fuelled reality. So I’m really trying it out, a life with less car, more public transport and a lot more walking because driving around burning gas has just become a huge personal turn-off. Seeing birds and turtles and tiny crustaceans covered in oil, dying or dead, is the icing on the misery cake of the whole ugly scenario.  After the 60 Minutes expose that revealed that the BP suits told the crew to drill faster and that the extra pressure caused the pipe to hiss repeatedly and ominously before exploding that fateful day, how can anybody want to do business with these greedy criminals?

Back to the supremely pressing issue of what can be done to stop the gushing rupture, we can only hope that the best minds on the planet are really working on a feasible solution around the clock. Tony Hayward’s protestations that BP are “good for the money” re. the clean-up falls at least 5000 feet short of expectations.

On a day like this I have to keep my mind open to all kinds  of possibilities to keep my spirits up. A friend has been religiously posting images of new crop circles on fakecrook, and after numerous “likings” I went wandering on the internet for more words on crop circles. I’ve always been skeptical about the phenomenon being credited to hoaxers, sure Doug Bower and Dave Chorley were crafty back in the 1990’s with a plank of wood and a length of rope but there aren’t enough dedicated hoaxers in southern England to have created the 700 circles reported in that area in 2009.

I come from Dorset, a little county on the south coast of England, a rural place patchworked with leylines and Neolithic earthworks, burial mounds and henges. I remember my Dad telling me nearly twenty years ago that he and his friend had flown a light aircraft over Coryates, a hamlet beneath steep sided hills that was last busy in the 11th century. They saw a crop circle there which just flabbergasted them both. They were so shocked to see it they nearly crashed into a hillside, “ No men made that” my Dad said definitively.

Since we are many years into the documentation of the circles and there are many serious accredited scientists who study them, my research online yielded some very salient details about the effects on matter in crop circles ( at the macroscopic level, plant nodes are enlarged, soil analysis shows magnetite and protein are significantly elevated within circles).

Scientific theories by extremely credible academics like Dr Levengood, a biophysicist whose research into seed germination is world reknown suggests the Plasma Vortex theory: this, in layman’s terms is like the energy of ball lightening. Or the evolving science of Cymatics which studies the relationship of music to shape-forming potential, apparently acoustical physics can show sound moving sand into mandala-like formations.

A circle appeared near Wilton, in Wiltshire on May 22nd, 2010 – the crop there is canola, its stalks are thick and celery-like, it is notoriously difficult to bend, hoaxers would have snapped many with the plank-method of  circlemaking, but here none are broken. The circle seen from the air shows 12 segments, with binary code marks in each. Mathematicians decoded it to reveal it is very close to a theorem known as the “Euler Identity” which some brainy types regard as the most beautiful and profound mathematical equation we know of. This on the day that Craig Ventner  announces his synthesis of a living cell.

While I was bumbling around online looking for circle info I found a letter that purported to be from some eloquent aliens, self- confessed circlemakers. The missive imparted the usual patter of friendly aliens ie. You guys are fucking up but we are nice  & smarter than you and we’ll help just send us your telepathic invite and we’ll show.

I have only one telepathic message and that’s for the Earth Goddess and she is welcome to share my thoughts with extra-terrestrials. As eminent British cereologist Lucy Pringle notes, 98% of crop circles are found on chalk (this figure from circles in 54 countries), many ancient sacred sites (think Stonehenge, Avesbury, Qenko, Cusco) are also found on chalk. Not surprisingly, geologists attest to the special electrical energy of water-based chalk deposits.

My message? Dear Earth, once we were smart, we knew about physical space and spiritual space, then we got greedy and dumb, we’re sorry, any help finding our way back to you much appreciated, open to ciphers through aliens and to a lesser extent apocalyptic events.

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2 Responses to The Goddess, the Gush and the Circles Billee Sharp

  1. Margaret M Walsh says:

    angels of the subtle land shifts bless the lord —
    angels of the lord bless the subtle land shifts —
    where there is traumatic experience —
    let there be rapid and proper recovery —
    complete deep and permanent reception of healing —
    and mutual forgiveness —

  2. billee says:

    thats beautiful Margaret!

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