Terry St. John, Chair/Regent Street, acrylic on canvas, 1965.


Erlking, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translated by Okla Elliott)

Cast Away Illusions: Part 2, by Christopher Carrico

Cast Away Illusions: Part 1, by Christopher Carrico

An Uneasy Revelry: a Book Review of David Huerta’s Before Saying Any of the Great Words, by Okla Elliott

Writers on the Writing Life: Steven Gillis

Interview with Mark Smith-Soto, 6/20/10

Break the Israeli Siege of Gaza or Attack at Sea, Detention Camps and Deportation by Ann Wright, 5/27/10

The Goddess, the Gush and the Circles by Billee Sharp, 5/25/10

Mouseheart by Andreas Economakis, 5/24/10

Outside the Bedroom by Sean Karns, 5/23/10

Imagine the Angels of Bread by Martin Espada, 5/22/10

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal by William Wordsworth, 5/21/10

Capitalism: Big Surprises in Recent Polls by Charles Derber, 5/20/10

Poisoned by John Unger Zussman, 5/19/10

To Sweat or Not To Sweat by Billee Sharp, 5/18/10

Jump by Andreas Economakis, 5/17/10

Fuel by Ani Difranco, 5/15/10

At Twenty-Eight by Amy Fleury, 5/14/10

How the Corporations Broke Ralph Nader and America, Too by Chris Hedges, 5/13/10

Vietnamese Agent Orange Justice Tour Finishes  (excerpts) by Michael Uhl, 5/13/10

My Last Day in Harlem by Andreas Economakis, 5/10/10

Let x, by Chad Simpson, 5/9/10

Another Death to Brave by Mac Oliver, 5/8/10

A Conversation with Bryan de Roo About Painting by Gina Borg, 5/7/10

What I Know About Epistomology by John Surowiecki, 5/7/10

How I Died in Viet Nam by George Evans, 5/6/10

Kent State — 40 Years Later by Jim Dorenkott, 5/5/10

Space is the Place by Billee Sharp, 5/4/10

Karmic Cat Piss by Andreas Economakis, 5/3/10

The Cognitive Turn in Theory and Cultural Studies: A Review of Patrick Colm Hogan’s Understanding Nationalism by Okla Elliott, 5/2/10

Dance Me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen, 5/1/10

Letter on Immigration (1910) by Eugene V. Debs, 4/29/10

Ankh by Eve Toliman, 4/28/10

Cockroach by Andreas Economakis, 4/26/10

This Be the Verse by Philip Larkin, 4/25/10

Last Night, As I Was Sleeping, I Dreamt Marvelous Error! by Antonio Machado, 4/24/10

Excerpt From “Letter to a Woman Painter” by Max Beckmann, 4/23/10

DOW Hijacks Live Earth Run or Do The Yes Men?, 4/22/10

Against Medical Advice by John Unger Zussman, 4/21/10

Book Signings & Washing on the Line by Billee Sharp, 4/20/10

Graceland by Andreas Economakis, 4/19/10

My Father’s Potato Death by Sean Karns, 4/18/10

Song of the Barren Orange Tree by Federico Garcia Lorca, 4/17/10

8 County by Charles Bukowski, 4/16/10

A Hidden Wholeness: Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King Jr. by Albert J. Raboteau, 4/14/10

King Mob by Billee Sharp, 4/13/10

International Party Turtles by Andreas Economakis, 4/12/10

Okla Elliott Interviews Christopher Higgs (and Marvin K. Mooney), 4/11/10

Selection from Helen in Egypt by H.D., 4/10/10

Crystal by Paul Celan, 4/9/10

George Leonard (1923-2010): A Tribute by Gordon Wheeler, 4/7/10

One Side Or Two by Billee Sharp, 4/6/10

The Al-Marbid International Poetry Festival by Jack Hirschman, 4/6/10

Blundering Around, Pondering Aloud: On Becoming a Lacanian Analysis by Albert Herter, 4/5/10

Spending/Reading Politically: Curtis Smith’s Bad Monkey by Raul Clement, 4/3/10

I’m Prince of the Poem by Solomon Ibn Gabirol, 4/3/10

Liquefaction by L.S. Klatt, 4/2/10

A Man Under the Influence by Andreas Economakis, 4/1/10

At the End by Theodor Adorno, Translated by Dennis Richmond, 4/1/10

Inactivism and the Movies by Billee Sharp, 3/30/10

My Name is Mohammed and I am Undocumented, 3/29/10

Lami by Alden Van Buskirk, 3/28/10

Dust by Dorianne Laux, 3/27/10

The Infinite Current by Juan Ramon Jimenez, 3/26/10

The Democrats’ Health Care Bill: Defeat In Victory by Shamus Cooke, 3/25/10

Carrying a Backpack of Sorrow…Soldiers on the Edge of Suicide by Nadya Williams, 3/25/10

Mussolini on the Bay Bridge by Andreas Economakis, 3/25/10

Valentine’s Day by Gabriela Barragan, 3/25/10

Mad as Hell by John Unger Zussman, 3/24/10

The End of Bipartisanship by John Unger Zussman, 3/24/10

Ethical Shopping by Billee Sharp, 3/23/10

Undocumented and Unafraid: My Name is Gabriel and I am Undocumented, 3/22/10

Undocumented and Unafraid: My Name is Ashley and I am Undocumented, 3/22/10

Minima Moralia: Reflections from the Damaged Life, by Theodor Adorno Part Three: 1946-1947. Aphorism #116: And just how evil he was, 3/22/10

Gubbinal by Wallace Stevens, 3/20/10

Selection from the Preface of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman, 3/20/10

Anniversary by Dan Beachy-Quick, 3/19/10

National Coming Out Week for Undocumented Youth: My Name is Liz and I am Undocumented, 3/18/10

Joseph Brodsky Nobel Lecture December 8, 1987, 3/17/10

National Coming Out Week for Undocumented Youth by Dave Bennion, 3/16/10

Practical Cats by Billee Sharp, 3/16/10

Goodbye, Facebook, or Why I Quit You by Stephanie Vernier, 3/16/10

National Coming Out of the Shadows Week: My Name is Rohit and I am American by Rohit, DREAMer from New Jersey, 3/16/10

The New Jim Crow: How the War on Drugs Gave Birth to a Permanent American Undercaste by Michelle Alexander, 3/15/10

Blowfly by Andrew Hudgins, 3/14/10

I Took Off Petal After Petal by Juan Ramon Jiminez, 3/13/10

The Painter of the Night by James Tate, 3/12/10

The Tim Burton Activity Guide by Adam Benedetto, 3/11/10

The Huh-Huh Kid by Adreas Economakis, 3/12/10

Sex Pistols & the Polis: The Weapon of the Feminine in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411 BC) by Mishana Hosseinoun, 3/11/10

Excerpt: The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 3/10/10

Fakecrack, Mice, Mathbooks & Miller by Billee Sharp, 3/9/10

Russian Futurism: A Slap in the Face of Public Taste (1912) by David Burliuk, Alexander Kruchenykh, Vladmir Mayakofsky, Victor Khlebnikov, 3/8/10

Book Review of David R. Slavitt’s Re Verse by Okla Elliot, 3/7/10

Poem [Lana Turner Has Collapsed] by Frank O’Hara, 3/6/10

IX by Adrienne Rich, 3/5/10

Writing Truth to Power? How the Guardian Let Progressives Down by G. Whitney Leigh, 3/4/10

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama by Chris Hedges, 3/4/10

Who Got It Right by John Halle, 3/4/10

Bay Area Friends of Sabeel event on Palestine, Israel & U.S., 3/3/10

Growing Up by Peace Pilgrim, 3/3/10

New Day by Ms. Irani, 3/2/10

My Law Degree (Seriously) by Unknown, 3/2/10

The Futurist Universe (1918) by Giacomo Balla, 3/2/10

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Include LGBT Equality by Dave Bennion, 3/1/10

One Body by Sofia Starnes, 2/28/10

Red Brocade by Naomi Shihab Nye, 2/27/10

High Windows by Philip Larkin, 2/26/10

Analyzing the Obama Psyche by Paul Hogarth, 2/25/10

Ebullient Inhabitions: Jack Stuppin’s Exhilarating Landscapes by Mark Van Proyen, 2/25/10

Wandering with Robert Walser, January 3, 1937, by Carl Seelig, 2/25/10

A Movie That’s “About Something,” or Why “Creation”  Isn’t a Great Movie, But You Should See It Anyway by John Unger Zussman, 2/24/10

Over the Mountains by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 2/23/10

I-5, Golden State Gulag by Matthew Hirsch, 2/23/10

The Tino Sehgal Show With Stranger by Adam Benedetto, 2/22/10

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Phallocentric Economics, Triangular Trade & Other Shady Business by Mishana Hosseinioun, 2/22/10

Quarter to Six by Dorianne Laux, 2/21/10

Exit Ramp Cowboys and Overpass Indians by Raul Clement, 2/21/10

A Pity. We Were Such A Good Invention by Yehuda Amichai, 2/20/10

Haiku by Judson Evans, Anita Virgil, Cor Van Den Heuvel and Raymond Roseliep, 2/19/10

Looking at Theophilus Brown: What the Other Is Not by Esteban Ortega Brown, 2/18/10

Far from the firing-line by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 2/17/10

Éxpo-See: A Memoir by Mark Van Proyen, 2/16/10

National Winter Garden by Hart Crane, 2/13/10

High Treason by Jose Emilio Pacheco, 2/12/10

Beyond Quirky Chic: A Review of Chris Adrian’s A Better Angel by Raul Clement, 2/8/10

One More Banana by David Bowen, 2/7/10

The Swan by Mary Oliver, 2/6/10

The Seige of the City of Gorky by Donald Revell, 2/5/10

Afflicted by Raul Clement, 1/31/10

The Poetry Foundation by Sivan Butler-Rotholz, 1/30/10

Excerpt from the Preface to the 1855 Edition of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, 1/29/10

A Hot Minute by Okla Elliott, 1/24/10

The Glass by Sharon Olds, 1/23/10

Corruption by Srikanth Reddy, 1/18/10

Hover by Andrea Scarpino, 1/17/10

Commercials? by Sivan Butler-Rotholz, 1/16/10

Living in the Dollar-Amount Democracy by Okla Elliott, 1/14/10

Practical Food for a Practical Future: A Review of Michael M. Bell’s “Farming For Us All” by Liam Hysjulien, 1/13/10

Book Review: Notes on Robert Bolano’s 2666: Part 1 by Christopher Higgs, 1/11/10

Circus Circus by Jason Gray, 1/10/10

First Snow, Kerhonkson — For Alan by Diane Di Prima, 1/9/10

Book Review: The End of the Circle by Walter Cummins by Duff Brenna, 1/6/10

This Ocean, Humiliating in its Disguises by Jack Spicer, 1/2/10

Toward a Coherent Vision of the 20th Century–Or, Why Jorge Volpi Is My New Favorite Novelist by Okla Elliott, 12/28/09

How To by Aaron Burch, 12/27/09

The Widow’s Lament in Springtime by William Carlos Williams, 12/26/09

Wandering with Robert Walser, July 26, 1936, by Carl Seelig, 12/24/09

On the Marionette Theatre (1810) by Heinrich von Kleist, 12/23/09

The Last Loosening Manifesto (1918) by Walter Serner, 12/22/09

Letter to His Father, April 10, 1920, by Federico Garcia Lorca, 12/21/09

Writer Repents by Heather Kirn, 12/20/09

No Second Troy and On Being Asked for a War Poem by William Butler Yeats, 12/19/09

Af-Pak War Racket: The Obama Illusion Comes Crashing Down by David DeGraw, 12/18/09

Telegram to Martin Luther King by Malcolm X, 12/17/09

The Swig About the Axis Manifesto (1919) by Walter Serner, 12/16/09

I am a Charity! by Cindy Sheehan, 12/15/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 10), 12/14/09

Charles Aznavour’s Got Soul Like A Motherfucker by Leonard Kress, 12/13/09

Three poems by Martin Camps, 12/12/09

Boy from the heath by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 12/11/09

Why I Voted No by Dennis Kucinich, 12/10/09

Marrakech by George Orwell, 12/9/09

Liberals Are Useless by Chris Hedges, 12/8/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 9), 12/7/09

Black Dog’s Bedside Manner by Robert Archambeau, 12/6/09

Love Sonnet XI by Pablo Neruda, 12/5/09

Above all one thing, my child by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 12/2/09

An Open Letter to President Obama on Afghanistan by Michael Moore, 12/1/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 8), 11/30/09

President In My Heart by Mark Smith-Soto, 11/29/09

IV by Adrienne Rich, 11/29/09

As Remembered by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, 11/28/09

The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, 11/27/09

A Letter to G.S. Fraser by Veronica Forrest-Thomson, 11/26/09

Time Exchanges: Share Your Life Energy by Mira Luna, 11/24/09

Open Letter to the Chancellor by 40 Geography Graduate Students, 11/23/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 7), 11/23/09

Paris by Black — A short fiction by Adam Benedetto, 11/22/09

A Supermarket In California by Allen Ginsberg, 11/21/09

What Is Surrealism? by André Breton, 11/20/09

In Berlin for the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall by Adam Benedetto, 11/18/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 6), 11/16/09

Nearly Forgetting the Anniversary of Your Leaving by David Gibbs, 11/15/09

Three poems by Dorothy Parker, 11/14/09

A Long History to Pizza… by Adam Benedetto, 11/11/09

The Confessionions of Fofi Littlepants (part 5), 11/9/09

If by Rudyard Kipling, 11/8/09

The Way to Keep Going in Antarctica by Bernadette Mayer, 11/7/09

Why I Write? by George Orwell, 11/4/09

The Coming Crisis of Western Food by Liam Hysjulien, 11/3/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 4), 11/2/09

What Will We Do With You? This Bone Has Almost No Flesh Protecting It… by Shaindel Beers, 11/01/09

Who Says by Kristen Holden, 10/31/09

Letter to Susan Owen — October 31, 1918 by Wilfred Owen, 10/30/09

I’m gay and I’m married!…Now how do I get divorced by Ask Lady Esq., 10/29/09

Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball, 10/27/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 3), 10/26/09

Object by Jonathan Monroe, 10/25/09

Parachutes, My Love, Could Carry Us Higher by Barbara Guest, 10/24/09

Russell-Einstein Manifesto (1955), 10/23/09

Shooting An Elephant by George Orwell, 10/22/09

Apropos of ‘Readymades” by Marcel Duchamp, 10/21/09

Memento by Theodor Adorno, translated by E. F. N. Jephcott, 10/20/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 2), 10/19/09

Three Poems by Jürgen Becker, translated by Okla Elliott, 10/18/09

Station by Sharon Olds, 10/18/09

Rome by Beth Mattson, 10/17/09

Memorial by Eve Toliman, 10/16/09

A Hanging by George Orwell, 10/15/09

“Spoiler Theory” Spoils Democracy by Jeff Rock, 10/14/09

War and Peace Prizes by Howard Zinn, 10/13/09

The Confessions of Fofi Littlepants (part 1), 10/12/09

Tableau a la Rousseau by David R. Slavitt, 10/11/09

Poet’s Work by Lorine Niedecker, 10/10/09

Minneapolis: Indian Summer by Jack Spicer, 10/10/09

Sick Man Detained at the Huwwara Checkpoint by Anna Baltzer, 10/9/09

Coming Clean About Mrs. Robinson by Ask Lady Esq., 10/8/09

Separated-united & Table and bed by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 10/7/09

Layin’ Dead by Rachel Hoiem, 10/6/09

The Inborn Authority by Yahya T. Ali, 10/5/09

President Obama: Give Peace A Meeting by Cindy Sheehan, 10/3/09

Critical Legal Studies as a Spiritual Practice, Part Three by Peter Gabel, 10/2/09

Taking Refuge In the Brazilian Embassy by Jim Dorenkott, 10/1/09

Critical Legal Studies as a Spiritual Practice, Part Two by Peter Gabel, 9/30/09

Letter to Susan Owen — April 25, 1917 by Wilfred Owen, 9/29/09

Critical Legal Studies as a Spiritual Practice, Part One by Peter Gabel, 9/28/09

Just Now by Eve Toliman, 9/25/09

U.S. Census — Why I Won’t Cooperate by Nativo Vigil Lopez, 9/24/09

Don Fucking Steele (1971-2009) by Charles Gonzalez, 9/23/09

Antithesis by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 9/22/09

The Art of Failure: Poetry in Translation by Okla Elliott, 9/21/09

Planting Trees with “the Palestinian Gandhi” by Anna Baltzer, 9/18/09

Is Infidelity the End of the Marriage? by Ask Lady Esq., 9/17/09

The Lies About Honduras We Believed by Jim Dorenkott, 9/16/09

Diversions by Michael Lasher, 9/15/09

Remembering Peter Camejo by Matt Gonzalez, 9/14/09

Always more slowly ahead by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 9/14/09

Black on White: Reading Fanon Against Mapplethorpe by Mishana Hosseinioun, 9/11/09

No exchanges allowed by Theodor Adorno, translated by Dennis Redmond, 9/10/09

Joy by Eve Toliman, 9/9/09

If You Are a Progressive, The Resignation of Van Jones Should Scare You by Matt Sullivan, 9/8/09

Nader-Gonzalez Would Never Ditch Van Jones by Jim Dorenkott, 9/8/09

All Power to the People: Changing the  Economic Power Structure by Heather Young, 9/7/09

Conversation with Hamas Supporters by Anna Baltzer, 9/4/09

A Standing Ovation: My Lai Redux by George Evans, 9/3/09

Why Can’t We Be Friends? by Ask Lady Esq., 9/2/09

Organic Intellectuals and Counter Hegemonic Theoretical Discourse by Anthony Torres, 9/1/09

The Paucity of Hope by Horacio Guernica, 8/31/09

Super Powers by Gabriela Barragan, 8/28/09

A Memoir: Diplomacy by Jim Dorenkott, 8/27/09

Thieves in the Night by Anna Baltzer, 8/26/09

Breathe and Be Sung by Eve Toliman, 8/25/09

Protocol IV: 29 September 1928: Marseilles by Walter Benjamin, translated by Scott J. Thompson, 8/24/09

Photography and Other Modes of Crying at Your Own Funeral by Mishana Hosseinioun, 8/23/09

A Memoir: Eve of Destruction by Jim Dorenkott, 8/22/09

The Limits of Cultural Relativism by Okla Elliott, 8/21/09

Protocol I: Highlights of the First Hashish Impression by Walter Benjamin, translated by Scott J. Thompson, 8/20/09

Her Bottom Line? by Ask Lady Esq., 8/19/09

Warnography by Cindy Sheehan, 8/18/09

From Jericho to Hebron by Anna Baltzer, 8/17/09

A Memoir: Boot Camp by Jim Dorenkott, 8/16/09

Woodstock Nation, Viet Nam by George Evans, 8/15/09

Towards a Democratic, Cooperative, and Caring Economy by Heather Young, 8/14/09

I Want to Be Better by Eve Toliman, 8/13/09

A Half Mast Rebel by Gabriela Barragan, 8/12/09

Jacob Lawrence Ironers 1943 by Nathan Birnbaum, 8/11/09

The Holy Trinity of Ineligibility? by Rod Ciferri, 8/10/09

Powder to the People? Yes. by Jack Freeman, 8/9/09

A Memoir: My Generation by Jim Dorenkott, 8/8/09

Watch What You Say Because … Someone Might Hear You! by Diana Cristales, 8/7/09

The Olive Harvest by Anna Baltzer, 8/7/09

Us vs. Society? Relationship Advice from a Divorce Lawyer by Ask Lady Esq., 8/6/09

Agnes Martin, Wittgenstein, and the Quality Without a Name by Felix Macnee, 8/5/09

People Power Pushed the New Deal by Sarah Anderson, 8/5/09

The Painter on the Road to Tarascon by Matt Gonzalez, 8/5/09

I Dreamt of My Father Last Night by Eve Toliman, 8/4/09

When Johnny Comes Limping Home by Horatio Guernica, 8/3/09

Obama Immigration Enforcement More Efficient Than Bush’s by Nativo Lopez-Vigil, 8/2/09

John McCain’s Natural Born Problem by Rod Ciferri, 8/2/09

An Argument for a Core by Nathan Birnbaum, 8/1/09

In Defense of Babel by Okla Elliott, 7/31/09

The Return of the Repressed: Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man by Anthony Torres, 7/30/09

The Big Lie of Afghanistan by Malalai Joya, 7/29/09

Archaeology of the Good Life by Paul Occam, 7/29/09

Prodding Baudelaire by Eve Toliman, 7/28/09

Desert Winds by George Evans, 7/27/09

A Grand Tour: Walking Los Angeles by Sesshu Foster, 7/26/09

A Memoir: George by Jim Dorenkott, 7/25/09

Beneath the Damage and Apology by Eve Toliman, 7/24/09

The Personal is Political by Anthony Torres, 7/23/09

Heckuva Job, Arne by Horatio Guernica, 7/22/09

Tilt at Windmills, Slay Giants by Adriel Hampton, 7/21/09

My Musical Corkage Fee by Gabriela Barragan, 7/21/09

A Memoir: Leary by Jim Dorenkott, 7/20/09

In So Many Words: The over-intellectualization of art, culture and politics by Diana Cristales, 7/20/09

Corporate Dems, “Single Payer” Health Care and Two Party System Failure — All Made Real Simple by Kara Allison, 7/19/09

Art Review: A Blogage Plane by Jack Freeman, 7/17/09

A Memoir: Disneyland by Jim Dorenkott, 7/17/09

War is Over! by Rod Ciferri, 7/17/09

Art Review: Theophilus Brown: Recent Abstract Collages by Anthony Torres, 7/16/09

The Undividing Line Between Literary and Political by Okla Elliott, 7/15/09

“A New Era of Engagement”, But for Whom? by Nathan Birnbaum, 7/15/09

The Left is the Guardian of Sleep by Paul Occam, 7/14/09

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  1. Almira Gulch says:

    Technical problem: the Shooting an Elephant / Orwell link is broken. I understand they require very large bullets.

  2. Almira Gulch says:

    I think it’s because its url has spaces in it.

  3. sigh says:

    i wish matt would get back into politics. i can imagine any number of reasons why he’d prefer not to. still, that would be more relevant…

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