At the Margins Review Series

Our new review series, which launched this November, focuses on and advocates for chapbooks/books being printed by small presses or self-published work—literature that is often marginalized. We’re also interested in bringing attention to authors who are themselves marginalized or authors who are writing about marginalized groups. In some ways, there is enough room under that umbrella term of marginalization for nearly anything to fit, but our effort is to bring positive attention to the many bodies of stellar writing that are not getting enough of it and could most use it.

With this series, we’re particularly interested in reviews that break form to become their own unique pieces of writing. A few idea of what this might look like: reviews as personal essays, reviews as prose poems, reviews written in two/multiple voices or as dialogues, reviews comparing two unlikely works, reviews comparing books to different form of media, reviews written with/as soundtracks, reviews in the form of comics or cartoons or illustrated, reviews as lists, or anything else creative someone throws our way. (By no means should this suggest that we won’t take traditional reviews as well; anything that advocates for someone else in any form will have a home in this series.)

As far as publication dates of a book, genre, form, translation, or international writing goes — we’re open to nearly everything. We have no ideal for review length and imagine that brilliant reviews can be written both in 500 words and 5,000. We’d also love to review your book if you let us know it’s out there. For specific questions about guidelines, title queries, requests for titles to review, or to submit, email series editor Kirsten Clodfelter at 


June 2014:

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Konstantinos Matsoukas’s translation of Lena Divani’s Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat (Europa Editions, 2014)

Will J Fawley reviews Brenda Hasiuk’s Your Constant Star (Orca Book Publishers, 2014)

Ashley Paul reviews Jade Sylvan’s Kissing Oscar Wilde (Write Bloody Publishing, 2013)

April 2014:

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Catherine Pierce’s The Girls of Peculiar (Saturnalia Books, 2012)

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Bushra Rehman’s Corona (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013)

January 2014:

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Heather Cousins’s Something in the Potato Room (Kore Press, 2009)

Jeff Moscaritolo reviews Molly Beth Griffin’s Silhouette of a Sparrow (Milkweed Editions, 2012)

Randon Billings Noble reviews Eva Saulitis’s Leaving Resurrection: Chronicles of a Whale Scientist (Boreal Books, 2008)

Karen Craigo reviews Seth Brady Tucker’s Mormon Boy (Elixir Press, 2012)

Kirsten Clodfelter reviews Rachael Lyon’s The Normal Heart and How it Works (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2010)

December 2013:

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Patrick Lawler’s Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds (University of Alabama Press, 2012)

Susan Hankla reviews Kathryn Levy’s Reports (New Rivers Press, 2013)

Tini Howard reviews Matt Fraction’s Sex Criminals (Image Comics, 2013)

Kirsten Clodfelter reviews John Rybicki’s When All the World is Old (Lookout Books, 2012)

November 2013:

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Ian Haight’s and T’ae-Yŏng Hŏ’s translation of Magnolia & Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim (White Pine Press, 2012)

Christopher Lowe reviews Delaney Nolan’s Shotgun Style: A Diagram of the Territory of New Orleans (RopeWalk Press, 2012)

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