His Secret Obsession – Understand the Male Mind and Make Him Obsessed with You

his secret obsession review

Do you want to BE HAPPY in your relationship, not just SEEM or PRETEND?

Build an unbreakable STRONG BOND with your partner?

Be loved, cared and obsessed with by your man?


Can’t understand what is going on in his mind?

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer is a unique relationship guide, which will open a new perspective on relationships and men in general.

Through this program you will:

  • Find out how a man thinks and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Receive a list of techniques based on men’s hero instinct.
  • Realize how easy it is to create a solid bond with your man.
  • Learn to tap into his deeper feelings and desires.

Hundreds of His Secret Obsession real customer reviews keep telling their own UNBELIEVABLE stories of the relationship transformation thanks to applying the techniques and phrases from the book.

You don’t just get a book – you get a psychologist, a relationship coach, a wise advisor, an easy step-by-step instruction, and a supportive friend – all in one.

Keep the fire in your relationship and make him desperately obsessed with you IN 8 EASY STEPS!

FAQ section

WHO is this book written FOR?

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer is written with women in mind and will be of use for a huge variety of readers.
This guide GIVES THE CLUE how to deal with different problems and issues ON ALL STAGES OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, so it’s great for:

  1. Married women losing the passion and flame in their marriage
  2. Single women who struggle to have a date or the second date
  3. Unexperienced ladies who want to start their new strong relationship from the position of knowledge
  4. Women with emotional baggage from their last relationship, who don’t want to take the old relationship script and pattern to their new ones and build the right foundation for them
  5. Women in despair because of their man losing interest in the relationship and the woman herself.

And you DON’T HAVE TO BE a psychologist TO TURN THE TIDE of your dying relationships.


His Secret Obsession program helps women to build their communication with a partner based on men’s psyche and instincts sustainably and ethically.

The author emphasizes the importance of healthy communication in any relationship, as the lack of it eventually leads to disconnect and coldness.

And since men and women have physiologically DIFFERENT STYLES OF COMMUNICATING, it is essential to bear this difference in mind to communicate with your partner EFFECTIVELY.

His Secret Obsession: IS IT WORTH my money and time?

Is James Bauer’s book worth it? – YES, if:

  1. you find it sometimes confusing what your man thinks and wants
  2. you feel that boredom and familiarity set in your relationship
  3. you need to understand why men act and think as they do
  4. you want to learn the SECRET OBSESSION PHRASES and words that make a relationship work
  5. you dream to overcome the period of instability and unhappiness and live your best HAPPY life with your other half

Can I get my MONEY BACK?

Absolutely, YES!
If the book doesn’t work for you, you can get an immediate refund.
A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided throughout the world.

However, according to our sales statistics, such cases are extremely rare – no wonder we’ve got so much social approval from satisfied customers (both male and female!) in His Secret Obsession reviews.

Are there any DOWNSIDES of this relationship guide?

Here are some downsides we’ve managed to fish out of our happy customers’ feedback:

  • «… you could feel like it’s a lot to take on board…»
  • «… have to change something IN YOURSELF, which is, you know, not so easy…»
  • «… it is a challenge to change the dynamic and the habitual course of your relationship»
    … James Bauer has made it HIS MISSION TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH all the difficulties on your way.

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a well-known dating and relationship coach, who has spent more than 10 years consulting thousands of women.

Through a careful study of his clients’ cases, James Bauer has discovered the secret of happy, long-lasting relationships.

Feeling the responsibility to share his experience and knowledge, James Bauer became the author of the bestselling His Secret Obsession and What Men Secretly Want books-courses.

The secrets uncovered in the guide have affected the happiness of millions of women throughout the world, as well as their partners’.

What are the secret obsession phrases?

All secret obsession phrases in the course are built around THE HERO INSTINCT in men.
Just like thirst, hunger, and sexual attraction, the hero instinct is a BIOLOGICAL DRIVE.
And the secret is it cannot be ignored if being triggered.

So… how to awaken the hero instinct in your man?
– Using simple but powerful phrases:

«The Glimpse Phrase»
This simple signal will make your man think about you all the time and dream about the amazing future with you.

«The Fascination Signal»
Or «everlasting attraction phrase» – One of the most powerful signals, which works not only in person but also through a phone call or a text.

«Silent Action Signal»
This secret signal directly affects his hero instinct, making you the best woman in the entire world. And you don’t even need to say a single word!

«I Owe You Signal»
This one uses men’s «selective hearing» to your advantage. By swapping out 3 simple words that you say every day, you’ll make him open up to you more than he does to his friend.

«Damsel In Distress Signal»
This secret phrase will turn even the most dismissive and sarcastic man into a protector for you – to gain your admiration and attention.

«The Private Island Signal»
It focuses on the alluring quality every woman is born with. But the trick is, not every one knows how to use it. And if she does… the effect is equal to love potion: he sees you as THE one.

«Ex-Back Signal»
Works great for women who have experienced a separation or a breakup recently. 12 simple words, 1 phone call, and he’s back to you again – and moreover, never leave again.

«The Secret Currency» of Happy Relationship
In other words, these are tiny emotional deposits, which strengthen your bond day in day out.

Bottom Line

The paradox is, these Secret Obsession Phrases are extremely powerful despite being so easy and even obvious!

Remember: if you don’t work on your relationship and your self, it’s just a matter of time before it all falls apart.

START FIXING YOUR RELATIONSHIP RIGHT NOW and become his one and only secret obsession.