Cute Love Paragraphs & Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

love letters for her from the heart

No lady can resist a sweet intimate love letter for her from the beloved. Believe me, not many things can touch her as much as a sincere (especially, handwritten) letter!

Everyone in a relationship should try this way of winning her heart at least once in a lifetime!

But what do you do if you’re far from a kind of a romantic type and can hardly come up with a short love text, not to mention an extensive letter?

Check out our gallery of the most heartfelt offbeat love letters for her, copy and paste. Or – get inspired and make one of them more personalized by adding a couple of own edits.

Love Letters for Her That Will Make Her Cry


Something was missing in my life. I really don’t know what it was. But, since the time you came in my life, I started feeling complete.

Yes, that is true, I am only for you. Baby, I love you so much, all day long I yearn for your touch. Your presence in my life gives me a new high.

I don’t know all this happened when and why? But, the feeling of love is felt from the heart. Now, that you and I are together, we shall never ever part. I just want to thank you for coming in my life. Without you, my love, it’s really hard to strive.

Love you so much!


My Dear,

You are the most precious gift that God has made for me. I miss you more than words can ever say. Without you, I feel incomplete. Because I love you! And this love overcomes every distance, every barrier, every country in the world.

You are the woman who makes my heart beat faster even after all the time we are together. It manages to make me stand up at the airport with my knees trembling, thinking, “It will arrive right away!”

You make me weak and at the same time so incredibly strong! Among all the women in the world, you are the one to which every man hopes.

You should always know one thing: in my thoughts, I am always with you! And in the heart, we are always close! No matter where we are right now.

I love you with my whole heart!
Yours Only


I am so excited that my letter could reach you today, and I am so glad that despite our quarrel, you still gave me the opportunity to come close to you. Your presence actually fills my heart with joy and I wish I can stay with you in my life forever.

From the moment I met you, I knew that everything was completed in my life and meeting you was never a mistake. I can do anything to keep you in my heart and love you till I die. I desire nothing but to adore you for the length of days unending.

How could I ever repay your goodness to me? I finally found out that you are the one I have been looking for to be in my life forever. To you, I might be a friend but you are my wife, and by wife I mean that you are the sweetest and the most lovable person in my life and today I celebrate having you in my life.

All I have to do is to make sure that I love you till the end cos you deserve even more than I show you. I will always make sure that you don’t lack anything cos I will be always there to provide for you.


I’m not the easiest person to be with, everyone was telling you that, even my mom. But you didn’t listen to anything anyone said about me. You saw me for who I am and you accepted me, flaws and all.

You didn’t try to change me, you support me through the ups and downs – these are things I’ll never forget. We’ve had many obstacles in our path and yet we continue to overcome them all.

I realize we’re able to do that because you’re my partner and best friend. I promise to continue to be by your side and fight for our love. You’re everything to me and baby, I love you.


To the world, you’re just like every other girl, but not to me, because you’re my world and my everything.

You entered my world when I was lost and clueless and you gave me a reason to stand on my feet and look forward to a beautiful tomorrow with the way you love me.

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m glad to call you mine forever. I love you forever, my sweetest.


Hey Babe,

I hope I’m not disturbing you at work. I know how hard you’re working at your job. I appreciate how much you love what you do because it just goes to show how motivated you are to achieve your goals.

Remember not to tire yourself out too much. I know you’re a smart and capable woman whom your coworkers can rely on to get the job done. I’m so proud of you, babe!

Keep it up, and I’ll see you later.


My princess,

I hope that this message is not coming late to you, I really want you to understand the message cos I can no longer express how I feel towards to you so I decided to put it into writing.

I have been trying to explain to you about my feelings towards you and I noticed that you barely understand me when I explain to you.

Though I had pride, I didn’t know a woman like you could break me down until you started working on me. Now I see that no woman can ever seduce me because you are more than enough for me.

I know that women rush me but I can’t allow them to have their ways because they were nowhere to be found when you were making me a man.

What you have done for me has completely made me who I am today and I am really complete today because I have a woman like you.

I want to specially thank you today for allowing me to be your man and I am really grateful that you could make me the way you’ve always wanted. I love my baby.


I didn’t think I would fall in love. I used to be angry at the world, I used to hate the idea of love, I thought I would never find it nor did I want to.

Amidst all those negative feelings, I met you. I didn’t think I could ever feel this type of emotion before, I didn’t think it was possible for the anger to subside but it did because of you.

You’ve taught me so much about the world and about love, things that I never thought existed or were capable for me to understand. But with you by my side, I feel everything. I feel happiness, joy, love, and peace.

Yeah sure, we get into our disagreements, but the love I have for you outweighs it all. Thank you for showing me your world of love and light and being patient, giving me time to understand.

You’ve changed my world and put it upside down and I love you for that.


My dearest, with you, there’s always a beautiful day to look forward to and with every rising of the sun, my heart, my body, my soul and my mind craves for your unconditional love.


Your love is like the air I breathe and the blood pumping in my tender heart. For you, I want to live. With you, I want to spend the rest of my life.

I always feel special whenever you’re with me and for as long as there’s breath in me, I will never stop cherishing you.

I love you dearly, my sweetie pie.


I never knew how joyous life could be until I saw your face. My heart leaps like a hummingbird in flight every time I see you. This is something I have never felt before, and it is you that inspires it.

When I think about you and our rich conversations, I feel a warmness inside. I cannot hide my smiles, even when we are apart. This connection is special, amazing, and I dare say, destiny.

Many have asked what happened to create this new and better me. I tell them, without hesitation, it is you.

Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with all the longing and excitement I feel when I think of you. Looking forward to our next date, beautiful.

May each be better than the last if that is even possible.

Deep Love Letter for a Girlfriend from The Heart


Your eyes attract me the most. No, it’s your charming smile which attracts me the most. The sweet whisper in my ear is what I love about you.

When you cringe on small things, I love to see your face. When you get angry, I love to see your face. Your blushing face attracts me the most.

It’s your pretty face which makes me go nuts over you. The way you speak to me makes me go crazy for you. I really can’t decide what attracts me the most.

But, let me tell you that I love everything about you. Coz it’s true that I simply love you.


Hello Sweet Heart,

I hope you remember the first time we set eyes on each other, you were sitting a couple of distance away from my bench in the mother’s kitchen.

I just couldn’t get my eyes off you, you were chatting with your friends, I was just watching the way your lips moved and how you demonstrated to your friends, your beautiful smile captured my heart, it was love at first sight, I won’t lie, I had seen you some days back in the dark night of the road and never took you to be this fun lady, I was blown away, I just wanted to be your friend.

But it’s so awesome today, that girl that day is mine, I am so happy I took the bold step and walked up to you, and you were so gentle and welcoming. You are such a wonderful person.

I love you so much.


The love you have given me is so special, my whole day is filled with thoughts of you, falling in love with you is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

I promise you that distance cannot come in between our love no matter where I am, my love can travel millions of miles in split seconds, just know I am always with you because you are here always in my heart.

I never thought I would fall so in love with one like the way I am overwhelmed by your love. We will be together soon and stay together forever.

I love you so much and waiting for your reply.


You’re the light in my gloomy world and I’m glad to call you mine forever. With you, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel of life.

I’m lost without you, my love. Without you, I will end up being a wayfarer; going from one place to another without any purpose.

Thanks for being the best thing ever in my life and I wish you have a great day ahead. I love you more than you know.


I know that I have made mistakes in the past by loving another person instead of you but now I know that I have gotten it right now because I am in love with you and I am sure that you are the right person I am looking for.

Even if it will take my life to love you completely, I am ready to do so in order to make sure that you are cared for. It will take me nothing to push away anyone who tries to separate us because you are the reason of my existence.

If doing all the household chores is all I have to do to keep you as my wife and my woman then I will keep doing it for the rest of my life to keep you happy. I love you that much and you should keep that in mind all the time.

Though I may be stubborn and strong hearted, please don’t live me cos I love you a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Surely I know that I am a blessed man cos I met the most amazing man on earth and I know that you will never stop loving me.


My Sweet Heart,

I can’t imagine how you looked at me when I was searching for you in the garden. I’m not very good at putting my feelings into words.

But I can write these romantic words with this letter. Since I saw you for the first time, I knew that I wanted to be with you. Whenever we see each other, I can hardly think because you completely confuse my feelings. I spend every spare minute thinking about you. That may sound a little over the top, but it is true.

I cannot imagine anymore how my life would look like without you. I hope we will stay together for a long time, because without you I would not know what to do right now.

Even though we only know each other for a few months, I know that you are destined for me. I am happy when we see each other again and think of you until then in every free minute.


At night, I lie down and imagine you are here with me. I didn’t know just how heavy this separation would be in my heart. I hope you are not in as much utter misery as I am without you. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and my fondness has no bounds.

I lie awake and feel the gentle warmth of your breath as it would fall on my cheek. I imagine the heat of your body pressed against mine; the hardness of your muscles nestling against the softness of mine.

I turn and lay my head against the pillow, feeling your heartbeat drum a lullaby in my ear. A thousand butterflies kiss at my skin, and I long to feel the softness of your lips.

While I know we will again be together, my yearning in your absence only cements the true depth of my passion. Until I can see you and hold you again, you will remain omnipresent in my dreams.



The hardest thing I have done is to act as if I hate you, whereas I love you more than you can ever imagine. Despite all the attitudes I put on and towards you, you still stood by me and you never thought of letting go my hand.

Thank you for standing by me all the way. I wish I could thank you enough.
How can I ever thank you enough for all you have done for me? I don’t think that there can ever be a way to reciprocate your efforts towards my life.

You have unconditionally loved me and I can say that you are competing with my mum cos you also love me the way my mum loves me.

I will do anything to love you and that is not an understatement. Forgive me for all the times I have not loved you the way you deserve. You will get the better me if you give me the opportunity to love you the way you deserve.

I love you so much and that is what matters now and I wish that you will keep remembering this for the rest of my life.


Hi Sweetheart,

Having you out of town is one of the hardest things to experience. I simply can’t stand to be so many miles away from you. While you’re out there, remember that I’m always thinking about you.

And as much as I hope I could be with you right now, I know that you have commitments you have to attend to. So while you’re away, all I can do is wait for you to come back.

Don’t worry though, because I’ll make sure I’ll make up for all the time we didn’t get to spend together. Keep in mind that every day that I look forward to each new day, because that means it’s one day closer to when I’ll have you back in my arms again.

Distance can’t come between our love, no matter where you are. So whenever you’re feeling a little lonely or homesick, I’m just one call away.

And if you can’t stand another day without me by your side, baby, I’ll find some way to get to you as soon as I can.


You brought happiness that will never know any boundaries to my life and in return, I want you to know that my love for you will always and forever be without bounds.

With every breath, I will love you as you’ve never been loved before. With every breath, I will cherish you like a princess and my beautiful queen in making.

With every breath, I will adore and protect you from every worry, anxiety and uncertainty of life.

And with every breath, I will always and forever cherish every moment with you, my love. I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart.


For all the good things that life has predestined for you baby, may God help you enjoy them all.

I appreciate and sincerely love you, my dear. It’s my hearty wish to see that you get the best out of life.

If I had magical powers, I would have made it feasible for you, to help you crush your goals with ease.

‘I Love You So Much’ Letters to a Girlfriend


Life is boring and unexciting. I really wonder how piteous it would have been if not for your presence that had spice up the experience for me. Darling, you are like a spice inside the food that gives it tastes.

I appreciate you dearly, baby. I just can’t even think of a nicer or better word to use in appreciating you.

Love you…


My Sweet Heart,

I am in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.

I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have and I will still love you.

I think I am the most fortunate girl on this planet. Because I have such a wonderful boyfriend like you. Your care and love take me to another world of fantasy.

I am so me when I am with you. Baby! You are my world and I can’t really live without you now.

I truly love you for sure.


I have made up my mind today to achieve nothing else if I have not achieved loving a princess like you. If I have succeeded in loving you enough, then I can do other things aside from you.

God has made it mandatory for me to love you the moment I met you and if I don’t do that, I know that God will punish me.

I woke this morning only to find you lingering in my heart to think about even though I tried pushing the thought away. All thanks to you because you have made me not to be idle at all. Loving you is what I will continue doing till I die and I hope that you don’t mind at all. Your love has kept me going all this while.

If loving you is going to make me look like a fool then I should remain foolish forever cos loving is a gift I have gotten left. I don’t think I can live without you in my life cos you are so wonderful. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to make you my woman cos I thought I was not up to your standards.

Being with you remains the best decision I have ever made. In fact, Loving you has improved my life that people are asking what I have done to you that has won your heart.

I can’t afford to lose you cos so many persons would be waiting to take you away from me for a longer time. You are indeed the sweetest I have ever met.


If life were to be a Titanic ship, I would be the Romeo to your Juliet. I promise to make your happiness and joy my every day goal.

I might not know everything about everything, but I know that you’re my everything and your smile means everything to me just as much as you do.

Remember to always wear your beautiful glowing smiling face and never stop smiling. And whenever your smile fades away with the ups and downs of life, I will always be here to bring it back to the limelight.

I love you beyond the stars, beautiful.


Hey baby,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you’re here. I am forever thankful to the universe for bringing you into my life.

I’m eternally grateful to all the people who brought us together, and to all the people who tried to bring us apart only to make us stronger.

Thank you for being there for me when times were hard. Thank you for giving me space when I needed it. And thank you for being around to keep my spirits up.

I can only hope to repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me. I love you, and I’m so thankful for you.


It’s really strange how day by day I get attracted to you. The time just runs so fast.

It’s just yesterday when I had seen you. I met you and fell in love with you. Isn’t it strange that I get attracted to you? I think when you love someone from the heart; you can’t stay without that person.

Baby, I think you are the one for me, coz I really can’t stay without you now. I love you so much is all I wanna say from my heart.

I know this is only the start, but trust me I will love you till the end of time.


In your presence, there’s always fullness of gladness and gaiety. Whenever I’m with you, I’m always at my peak as you always bring out the best in me. I’m always at peace when you’re right by my side.

I don’t know what I did to deserve an awesome, beautiful and caring girlfriend like you, my love, but I want you to know that I’m honored to be with you just as much as I’m blessed to have you.

Thanks for loving me unconditionally and thanks for not leaving me to my ruins.

I love you tenderly, my one and only.


Words cannot begin to express how sorry I feel today. Believe me when I say that I never meant for any of the things that hurt you so much to happen.

You know very well that I never ever hurt you in this way. I thought this was a joke but you have been taken it serious. You are the most wonderful girl I ever met in my life. I cherish you in each and every way. So, when I tell you today that I made a big mistake, please forgive me for you matter to me more than you can ever know.

When I am around you, my true self comes out and it makes me feel great to know that I am able to be the real me when you are around.

I started crying today after you I came from our college. I want you to be strong and calm always.

It’s been a while since I saw your pretty smile. I miss the way you would hold me and hug me when those sad times came around;

I remember when I looked into your eyes, it was like fireworks in the skies. I am missing you, so please don’t pretend, this can’t be the end.


Dear Cynthia,

You have made my whole complete when you came into it and made it a perfect place to live in.

I was sure that a place in my heart was too dirty and nasty for anyone to live in but you came into it even at that, cleaned it up and arranged it into a perfect space for all to stay and dwell in. I want to specially thank you for loving me this much.

I wouldn’t have become a better person today if not for your sake, and I want you to know that you are the perfect person that fits that position. Baby, you are such a wonderful lady that has made me man enough to face the world.

You have made sure that I become strong to face the world and I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

I wouldn’t take another woman even if I was to be tested, I would choose you ten thousand times cos you are the most amazing woman in my life.

You will do a lot of harm to me if you eventually live me for another person cos I know that I will eventually find myself in a psychiatric hospital. I love you so much.


After all these years we’ve been together, my heart still flutters when you walk into the room. In my eyes, you grow more handsome with each passing year.

Everyone told us passion eventually fades when two people spend a lifetime with each other, but that’s not true for us, is it? I want you as much today as I did when our love was new, and everything you do shows me you feel the same way about me.

I only have to look at you, and that touch of gray at your temple makes me want to press my lips there and feel your pulse begin to beat a little faster.

I want to leave a trail of soft kisses across your cheek until I reach your full, perfect lips. I want to kiss those lips so deeply it takes your breath away and thrills you with promises of pleasures to come.

For now, you can imagine what those pleasures might be, and tonight, I’ll fulfill those promises.
Anticipating a romantic evening,

Your One True Love

i love you so much letters for girlfriend

Sweet “How I Feel About You” Letters for Her


Darling, I know that this message will still not really paint the depth of love that I have for you. Because I’m not good with words. But then, you should know that I mean my words when I say I love you so much that I often feel sad not to see you even just for a day. I really wish that you are here with me dear.


No matter how hard I try, you will always and forever be on my mind just as much as you will always be in my heart – where you belong. Even if I try, I won’t be able to stop reminiscing about you just as much as I will never stop cherishing and loving you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m glad to call you mine forever. And no matter how far away you’re from me, you will always be here with me in my heart, because there’s no perfect place to keep someone as beautiful and special as you are except in my heart. I love you beyond words, damsel.


Dear Baby,
My life is beautiful because of you my love my lady love. You entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark. You showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care. I know your shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me; but your eyes speak up the love you have for me.
I look at you and I know that it was something that we were destined to do, we were meant to be. Time has passed us by so quickly and time has made us see, just how much love can do for someone. We two were two lost souls, floating bout aimlessly up until the moment that we found each other. I love you, my love, you are every dream of mine come true.
Love you a lot.


Dear Sweet Heart,
I am the strongest fan of yours. You know, the very moment I learnt about your habits and your forgiving heart, I instantly became so attracted to you that I can’t spend even a minute away, when I’m at work without craving to see your comely face, touch your lovely body and show you how much I care. I can’t tell you how much I love you. I want you by my side always. I want you to be the strongest woman in the world that you will never feel alone. Because I am there for you forever.
Without your love, to be honest, baby. I will be nothing. My life will be boring, unexciting and void. I need you to fill the vacuum that my first gaze of you bored in my heart. Darling, as you read this letter, I need you to know that my love is still strong and meant for you dear. I love you and wish you the best of luck.


When you are with me, I can’t think of anything else. Your beauty mesmerizes me and when you speak, I get that internal glee. Girl, you are like a Star in my life. You brighten my day with your smile. I just want to confess it today; it’s been on my mind for a while. That I truly love you, my princess. I mean it.


You give my life direction and it was only because of that, that I could move in the right direction and make better decisions. Without you, my life would have been useless, I will definitely be lost and people would be confused if I were a human or not. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Nothing compares to what I feel for you and I am so lucky you feel the same way about me. I won’t be satisfied if I have not made you happy as my woman for life. I want you to know that I will love you with all my heart now and always. In case I don’t make you happy, please let me know so that I can adjust my ways.
You have loved me so much, therefore, I am confident of better times ahead cos I will always love you and I am so sure that you will love me in return. I love you and I will always do no matter how tough the journey gets. I know that no matter what happens to me, you will be right here, by my side and that is what gives me joy.
The truth is that the moment I met you, I knew that you are the person meant for me because you are the complete definition of the woman I have always wanted. You are pretty, responsible, admirable, kind, respectful, loving, sweet, beautiful, honest, sincere, God-fearing and above all Awesome. I love you so much.


There’s no me without you because your love is all I need to survive, just as much as carbon dioxide is to plant. You’re my dream come true and I want to spend every second of every minute in each day with you alone. I want to cherish every moment with you and love you so much. You’re my everyday motivation and you mean the world to me. I love you so much, my one and only.


I had a good life before I met you. I was partying, hanging out with friends, traveling, meeting new people. I thought my life was set. But then, I realized what life was like without you in it and it wasn’t anything in comparison to now. All the things I did before mean nothing now that I have you. I realize how empty my life was before you came into it. You don’t know what you’ve done to me, my life is forever changed now that you’re in it. You entered my life like a candle, lighting the dark. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, my light and my love. I hope you continue to light my life because, without you, it’s just dark.


Hello dear,
I just thought I’d give you a quick note to let you know that I love you. I know that you know this, but I just thought I’d remind you anyway. You’re the most gorgeous, kind, understanding, patient person – and I don’t know what kind of miracle the universe had to pull to get you to love me as much as I love you. I hope you have a great day, babe. I’m always thinking about you.


Sweetheart, for every single thing that you do for me. I’m grateful for your efforts, baby. I sincerely appreciate you for all that you’ve been doing for me, dear. You are the queen of my world. You are more than what the word; “beauty” can ever describe. love you deeply and appreciate you my darling.

Beautiful Short Love Letters for Her


The very moment I learnt about your habits and your forgiving heart, I instantly became so attracted to you that I can’t spend even a minute away, when I’m at work without craving to see your comely face, touch your lovely body and show you how much I care.


Sweetheart, my day is going well and I hope that yours too is? I’ve been thinking of how best to portray my love for you but I failed… My words are not as perfect as I want them to be. But then, I need you to know that you are the best, the loveliest and an angel. I love you, dear.


To begin with, I just want to tell you those three magical words. They are I love you. Yes! You heard that right. I love you for what you are and not what you have. My love for you is pure bliss, I can’t really express it through words. But, I know one thing for sure. That I will love you till the end of time. I love you!


I see you as a star that gleams in the sky at night. You are so special and lovely dear. I just can’t do away with you and find life as happy as I want it to be. Because, your presence in my life and the vacuum that it feels in my heart is such, that no sane person will hope with. I appreciate you so dearly dear.


Without your love, to be honest, baby. I will be nothing. My life will be boring, unexciting and void. I need you to fill the vacuum that my first gaze of you bored in my heart. Darling, as you read this letter, I need you to know that my love is still strong and meant for you dear.


Darling, I doubt if my words are not the perfect way to paint how exactly my heart feels for you, because you are so beautiful and lovely that I will only end up running out of my diction store trying to string the right words to describe how much I love you.


Forever loving you, I am ready to send my love letter to my love with tender doves or cry out loving you with all my heart quotes, or send you hundreds of long I love you messages.


Darling, have I ever told you this before?… One sure thing u know that you have and will never break is the very big you made. Yes, they say that humans betray. But then, I’m pretty sure that you won’t. I trust you, I don’t believe in the saying that goes; “trust no one. I choose to break the norm. Because I don’t only love you, but sincerely trust your being.


Honey, my life is full of fun because of you, I’ve got no one to say thanks to if not you. You’ve been of immense help, affection, concern, encouragement and support to me. I really wonder how miserable my life would have been if not because you’ve chosen to be my lover.


I will stay with you forever, without letting you go even for a second, baby. It’s a choice I’ve made to always stay by you and make you feel happy even when it’s at the expense of my leisure, I will not mind making you happy every single second I spend with you dear.

Letter to The Love of My Life


Hey my sweetheart,
I’m quite sure that you don’t expect any text at an hour of the day like this, right?
Yea, I don’t always act upon my role as I should but still, you do as much as you can to double task, especially when I don’t get paid my salary at the month’s end. To be honest, if there is any woman that I appreciate so much then it’s you. I love you so much over your selfless efforts, my dear.


You’re indeed the perfect and masterpiece to the missing puzzle of my heart. You came into my life and love me as I’ve never been loved before. In times of distress, I always find solace with you. Words will never be enough to express my undying love for you because my love for you will always and forever be verbally indescribable. Thanks for coming into my life and I love you beyond words, my sweetie pie.


Let me begin by saying that I miss you a lot, loving you is a really great, wonderful feeling and the distance between us only increases my passion and desire. I hope this letter finds you healthy, happy, and doing exactly what you love. The reason for my letter is to send a note of thanks.
You see a few days ago, you were having a very difficult time and I realized that there was absolutely nothing that I could do, except listen and let you know that I loved you. It inspired me to write a letter to whom I love so much.
My promise to you is that you can always count on me. I will listen when you need it, give advice when you want it and bring a bundle of love when it is really required. I wish you a beautiful life of love, health and happiness and enough wealth to make you comfortable.
I am always there for you and wish you could be mine forever. I love your sweetheart.


If I had ten thousand tongues, it won’t still be enough to explain to the world that you mean the whole world to me. You have done so much for me and I cannot tell it all, though there are ten thousand ways to tell the world how much I love you.
Hugs and kisses are just my little way to say that I love and miss you even while you are not around me. The fact that I am too busy working to make a living doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in mind. The truth is that you are always on my mind. Cos I feel you every day.
Many ways that I can express my feelings towards you but I chose to tell you in this manner because I really want to express my feelings towards you perfectly without missing words. I am so proud to be called your man cos you are indeed so sweet.
Each time I see you looking at the mirror, I assume that you don’t need to because you are so beautiful even without make-up. Whatever any man has done to you, I am here to make it up to you because you deserve a better man.


My Dear,
The truth must be told, you are the most amazing woman in my life and I feel like jumping to announce to the world that I have you as my amazing queen. I feel as if I don’t need to impress people any longer because with you I have gained their attention and I am so sure that they will all listen to me now.
You are my life and I am not joking about that at all. Never should you live me because I would be dead by the time you will live me. I have realized that I have failed to love you unconditionally and has made me less a man because you are the best woman any man can ever wish to have in his life.
Every time you see me worried, it is not because work is touch or business is harsh but because I always want to keep seeing you happy and I kept strategizing ways to make sure that you are happy as my woman. Even if it will take my life, I will give it up to make you happy.


When I think about you, I have that subtle smile on my face. There is something about you which makes my eyes shine in a daze. I think I am falling for you. It is a feeling so special; it is a feeling so new. Baby, you are like a magnet that attracts me through. I am sure I am falling in love with you. It’s true!


Sweet Heart,
You are awesome because my life is beautiful because of you. You showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care. I know your shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me; but your eyes speak up the love you have for me.
I can only use so many words in the dictionary to show you how much I love you. I love you so much that you are always on my mind, putting a smile on my face and making my heart skip a beat. There are so many ways for me to express my love and I plan on showing you just how much love I have for you for the rest of my life.
I hope that my actions let you know the extent of my affection, adoration, and commitment to you.


Words will fail me to express how much you mean to me. All I can say is, you’re my world and you mean everything to me. Always have and always will. I start and end my day with you always on my mind and not a second goes by I don’t reminisce about you and your sweet love for me. You’re my one in a trillion and I will always cherish every single day with you just as much as I will never trade you up for anything in the world, even for the finest pearl. I love you forever, my princess.


Dear Linda,
As your name carries it so does each letter of your name give meaning to who you are to me and I am so glad that your parents chose that name for you cos it suits you. Sweet Linda, the meaning of your name adds meaning to me and my life generally. I don’t think that I can do anything without your name being involved.
L- means that you are my Life, I- means that you are my Innermost affection, N- means that you have Nurtured me with the Nutrients of your love, D- means that you have given my life Direction and A- means that you are the Attribute that contributes to my life and have made me complete.
My princess, the fact that I am your boyfriend doesn’t make you a superstar but the truth is that I am a king because you are my girlfriend and I have been enjoying that position for a very long time and if you live me, I will die or may not survive it.


My angel, I am serious thus time around… Unlike I used to be like, I want to make a sincere statement here. I love you so much and I’m willing to go all out to make you really see for yourself, the depth of my affection. It’s not a mere saying to make you think I do when I don’t in reality. Today, as you read this message, I need you to know that I’m serious when I say that I live you.

Romantic Valentine Letters for Her


My Sweet Heart,
You always know that I love you. I miss you every day. Although we remain friends and see each other all the time we are distant. We both know what feelings are stifled beneath smiles and being cordial. I catch you staring at me. Why do we deny each other?
I watch you every time. I watch your mouths move, words just words. I fight the feeling of kissing your mouth for such a long time that the words stop and there is just us left without the veil of denial. There will always be love here for you. I know you are only mine and choose to try again and it will be yours forever…
Yours Only


I love us. We’re the cutest. I know that sounds braggy, but I mean it when I say that I think we make the perfect couple. We understand each other. We listen to each other. We inspire each other to become stronger with each passing day. Happy Valentine’s Day. I cannot wait to spend another year alongside you, because there is no place I would rather be. You’re stuck with me. You better remember that!


Dear …,
I am blessed to have you in my life,
Before I met you, I had no direction, my dreams were shattered,
I remember moving from one point to another in search of the unknown
Since you came into my life, you have given me hope. My life has changed.
You are the one I want to spend my entire life with, never to leave you. Without you, life would be meaningless. I would not have achieved this much without you.
You are my world and everything. I am blessed to have you.
I love you.


Dear Love, all those dates we went on, and all those long-night phone calls are inscribed in my memory like carvings on a stone. Coming home after a long and tiring day and then ending the day with by hearing your sweet voice would relax me. I know we have had our differences, and we fight sometimes, but none of that is going to lessen my love for you.


Dear Sweetheart,
You are the girl of my dreams. Since you came into my life, you changed everything.
I cannot stop thinking about you. My life has been full of happiness and smile. You have made my days brighter and nights lovelier.
The love you have given me makes me feel great. You are the reason I smile always as you are always in my thoughts.
You are the one I love and my best friend. You make my heart skip a beat every time I see you, because I love you so much.
Love you


My love,
Before you came into my life, my life was empty. My days and nights were longer. I had no sense of direction. When I met you, everything changed. I never knew what I missed until you came into my life.
Now I know how it feels to love someone. Every day I long to be with you, to hold and love you, to share my life with you
You are all I need
I love you!


You are my everything, with you everything goes flawless. You are my heart desire, everything I need in life. You are always there in my every thought.
Where can I start to express my feelings for you? You are my world and everything I ever wanted in life. You are my dreams come true.
Darling, you are the reason why I am so happy in life. I don’t know how my life would be without you. I just want to tell you: you are the queen on my heart. The love of my life, I love you!


Dear My Love,
A day does not pass without thinking of you. You are the reason of my happiness. You have made my life simple and enjoyable. You have made me see the little things in life and appreciate life.
Before I met you, I was lonely, sad and miserable. When you came into my life, you turned my world. You have made my world better.
I love you so much, my dear!


With a woman like you in my life, I really am the luckiest man in the world. I hope you have Valentine’s Day that is as amazing as you are.


I know that as we get older, we’re going to change. Maybe I’ll get a beer belly – hopefully not, my hair will turn gray, we’ll get wrinkles and maybe even our teeth will fall out but the one thing I do know is that my love for you will never change. Through thick and thin, young and old, I’ll still feel the same as I did for you when I first met you all those years ago when I was young. I love you.


No doubt, emotional love letters for her can come in handy in a variety of situations and on different stages of your relationship:

  • When everything’s great between you two and you just wanna share your love;
  • When she’s upset or broken and you wanna support and cheer her up;
  • When distance and time are temporary separating you and you’re missing very much;
  • When it’s a special day for your couple and you need to say the right words;
  • When you’ve done something wrong, she’s angry with you, and you want to say “I’m sorry”

Love letters for her can be so different: sweet and spicy, short and long, cheerful and romantic, funny and serious, tender and passionate.

If talking about the passionate love letters for her, we can’t but mention how much they affect the intimacy level in couples. Maintaining and deepening it, a sincere love letter will convey whatever you could be shy to say in person.

Also, a handwritten love letter (or an electronic one) can become your icebreaker – the first step you take in the expressing feelings for your lover.

But whatever you’re up to, any love letter for her has a huge advantage over phone talks and conversation in person: you can take enough time to think over each your word, choose the right phrases to say exactly what you mean, and most importantly, create another physical memory of your love – the one you can touch and look at with warm feelings in your heart.

We really hope you enjoyed our collection of sweet and meaningful love letters for her and found that very perfect one to send the woman of your life!