Sweet Love Paragraphs for Her

best paragraphs for her

They say sweet words are easy to say, sweet things are easy to buy, but sweet people are hard to find. If your one and only is already with you, don’t forget to remind her about your feelings regularly to keep the love fire burning forever.

Yes, the relationship of a couple is like a tabula rasa: it can be whatever you want it to be. And it’s all up to your time, efforts, love, sincerity invested into this flame (and your partner’s, of course).

Wanna live a life full of blossom, warmth, coziness, and positive? First, share it! Just give it all to your girlfriend and you’ll get much more in return.

Among hundreds of tips and relationship psychologists’ advice on the net, probably the easiest one is to send cute meaningful messages to your beloved every time you’re not together. And no matter if you’ve just met each other or have already lived together for 5 years.

So, we’ve got the plan, and this list of 120 cute love paragraphs for her is the weapon:

I Love You Paragraphs for Girlfriend

Love is everywhere, and you can share it in lots of different ways. It’s in “Do you want me to come to you?” and in “Do you wear a hat, it’s cold today,” it’s in a hug at the airport, in a kiss on the cheek, in memories and dreams before bedtime.

Love relationship is something that is supposed to make life better. Write her a couple of messages from this list and she’ll surely feel your love:

  • If loving you was a job, I’d be the most deserving, dedicated, and qualified candidate. In fact, I’d even be willing to work for free!
  • How can I stay a day without singing I love you to you, the love of my life, the girl who has been the reason for my happiness if fate had not made you my life joy then, there wouldn’t be a point living my life? Am saying I am nothing without you in my life. I love you so much.
  • I’m here and I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying through the night, I will stay with you. Nothing you can ever do will make me not love you. I will protect you until I die, and even after you’re gone I will protect your memory. I am stronger than sadness and loneliness and depression. I am braver than all of that and nothing will ever exhaust me when it comes to you.
  • That moment I fell in love with you, you didn’t just steal my heart away, you also went away with the remote control of my life, honestly, you have taken control over me, and I am settled because my life is in perfect hands, I love you every day of my life.
  • You are my person! I love you to the moon and back and I don’t want to lose you!
  • My love, thank you for transforming my life into the most beautiful love story and showing me the real power of love. I love you!
  • I want you to know that there’s no one who can replace you. The way you look, the way you always know what I am thinking about, the way you give me hug when I need it the most, and the way you listen to me are all priceless. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. I love you.
  • I can only use so many words in the dictionary to show you how much I love you. I love you so much that you are always on my mind, putting a smile on my face and making my heart skip a beat. There are so many ways for me to express my love and I plan on showing you just how much love I have for you for the rest of my life. I hope that my actions let you know the extent of my affection, adoration, and commitment to you.
  • You can tell me every terrible thing you’ve ever done, and at the end of the day, I will still love you. There’s nothing in your past that can stop me from loving you in the present. You can tell me everything, all your hopes and dreams, your fears and weaknesses. And at the end of the day, I will love you still.
  • I swear each time I look into your eyes I get lost. I believe that you were meant to look only at me and I only at you. That’s why God gave you the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen; to captivate me and to look into my soul. I want to wake up every day looking into your eyes.
  • I love you my dear angel, the most beautiful girl that I have ever set my eyes upon. You are a powerful queen of beauty and that’s why my heart will always melt for your presence. You are so amazing my love—thank you for everything you have done in my life, I love you!
  • You are the greatest love of my life. You have made every day perfect. You have made me feel much happiness at every moment I spent with you.
  • I will love you no matter how many mistakes I make in this life. I will love you as much as how I struggle with numbers or with finding the right words to say when speaking in public. I will love you as much and as often as I try to cook up a decent meal to keep us full in a day. It’s my love for you that makes me feel like no matter how badly I mess up, I will always have this person who keeps me going.
  • It just feels like I am losing control of myself, falling in love with you, but it’s a good thing because I couldn’t do things properly, but since our path crossed my world has changed for the better, you are my yesterday, tomorrow and forever, I will love you for as long as I live.
  • You have inspired me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and I hope that I can somehow repay you for everything that you have done for me. Without you, I would be a completely different person. You have taught me so much about life and because of you, I truly know what love is.
  • My love for you is like the abuse of drugs, I just can’t get enough of you, people get high on vodka but I am high with you, you mean the world to me, I am ready to go wherever your love would take me, I love you so much, my pretty angel.
  • The love of my life, I wish you have what it takes to tear my heart so that you can find access to where I kept the love I have for you; a special one indeed. A love that cannot be shared with anyone else but you—just want to say I love you!
  • You have been there for me even in my bad days you have not just been a guide to me but you also have been more than a helper and a lover, how can I even repay you? You are truly God sent, you are everything to me, and I love you so much.
  • You are my everything! I can’t imagine a day without your hugs and kisses and I feel so safe when I am with you. I love you to the moon and back babe.
  • Everything I am today I owe it to you, the great person I have become its all because of your loving impacts in my life, I appreciate how you have affected every moment of my life with bliss, I owe you strong allegiance to stay with you the rest of my life. I love you so much.

Paragraphs to Make Your Girlfriend Cry

Yep, while dating, you can do lots of stuff to make her cry: break her favorite vase, forget to say you’re late when she’s waiting, lose her favorite phone case… But it’s way better to make her cry tears of happiness.

Break her heart with little romantic surprises, cute love texts, and ‘I miss you’ messages. Be generous in your words and in your actions.

Wanna follow the tips above? Here are some ideas of touching and so sweet paragraphs that wrap your feelings and emotions into a pretty attractive wrapping to melt your girlfriend’s heart and make her cry.

  • Love doesn’t care who you are, it just chooses you, falling in love with you has given my life a new meaning, right now losing you is not an option, you are my sole reason for living, and I will do anything to see that you are happy the rest of your life my pretty angel.
  • There are so many people out there in the world, but you are the one person in the entire universe that I can imagine happily growing old with. No matter how much time passes by or how old we get, no matter how many gray hairs and wrinkles we both end up getting, I know that you are the one person in the world that I am truly meant to grow old with. I love you so much for who you are and I could never get tired of you, even on the days where we have our disagreements. As long as we are side by side and hand in hand, I can grow old knowing that I am the luckiest person in the world because I will have you right next to me.
  • I don’t wish to miss you even for a day because a day spent without you is like a lonely day without the sun. All my life, I will love you like there is no tomorrow and if tomorrow comes, I will give you loads of care and affections like it is my last day on earth.
  • I want to love you until I can’t anymore. I want to hold your hand every chance that I get. I want to be by your side through thick and thin. I want to laugh at each one of your jokes. I want to stare into your eyes every moment I get. And I want to kiss your lips whenever they are free. I want you and nothing else.
  • You are a fantastic woman, charming and most especially, loving. You know the right things to do and the right words to say to me. I can’t imagine a life without you because you are the best out of the rest. I want to be your man forever, and you will be mine till the end of time.
  • Your love has taught me so many things, like good things do come to those who wait, your love has also shown me real happiness, in my life I have never felt such joy spending time with you, times with you is simply nothing short of satisfaction, no wonder I believe you were created for me. I swear to love you for as long as I live.
  • I have always been a happy man right from the day we met. You did not just come into my life with love, but with many blessings and care. Indeed, you’re a virtuous lady who knows the right things to do, and the support to always render. Your eyes are filled with love charms and mysteries that I can’t look at steadily, your breath smells of the best fragrance in the world, your touches bring incomprehensible joy to me, and your kisses send me to another realm higher than any in the world. Without you, I do not know where I would have been today, and I must say that your love and support has contributed immensely to my growth and the person I am today. There’s surely nothing I can do without appreciating your presence because my life is incomplete without your existence in it. Thanks for all you have always done for me, dear, and I promise to always love you from the very depth of my heart.
  • You will surely be in my heart forever and ever because our destinies shine like the stars. You give meaning to the word, LOVE and give purpose to my life. Every day with you adds up to the best days of my life.
  • Even if I say ‘I love you’ to you a trillion times, it is simply not enough. Words are never enough to express what I fee for you. My feelings for you are just so amazing that it makes me high. It is just amazing to have you as my soul mate. You are my everything.
  • Will you be mad if I love another girl as much as I love you in 10 years? I was just thinking how much I will love our little girl.
  • I know now that I am blessed with the greatest gift of all, because you are all I could have ever wanted in a partner, whenever I am down, you are there to lift me up, when I lack motivation, you are there to push me, you are my backbone, and I couldn’t have wished for more. Thank you, my love.
  • Words of love and care are all I have to pour from the bottom of my heart. Calling you mine is worth more than any other wish I have ever had. Today, I sincerely want you to know that you own the most special place in my heart, and there’s nothing that can stop me from doing my best to make you smile. I love you so much, sweetheart.
  • If something ever happens, and we’re not together, I want you to know that you are brave, strong, intelligent, passionate, caring, and generous. You give so much to everyone around you and I know there are times when you feel like you’re less than you are—not strong enough or not kind enough—but you are so much more than you know. You inspire me each and every day.
  • My best friend asked me to describe you in one word the other day. I was about to say “love” when I said “life” and realized my heart was doing the talking for me.
  • I have to be honest with you my angel, you are one rare gem, your beauty has laid a song in my heart, I sing it every day with joy in my heart, I feel whole having you as my life partner, I am not teasing you when I say you are perfect for me in every form and proportion, spending my life with you is my utmost desire. You make me loved and cherished.
  • I don’t wish for the stars, the moon, the universe or the galaxies. I am not looking for diamonds, platinum or gold. I don’t need a huge bungalow, mansion or a palace. I don’t want a lavish car or eat pricey food. All I want is your love. It is enough to last me a lifetime.
  • You want the truth? I could talk about you all day and all night and still have millions of beautiful things to say about you. But saying too much could get boring really quickly. So I’ll just say that I think you are the most wonderful woman on this planet and I’m blessed that you are my girlfriend.
  • I just wanted to let you know that how much I appreciate having you in my life. For helping me through the bad times and being there to help me celebrate the good times, I cherish all of the moments that we share together. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for me to tell you how glad I am to have you in my life. I am so lucky to have you by my side. Everything you do for me never goes unnoticed. I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I am eternally grateful to have your love, support, and affection. Thank you for being you, and for having me by your side.
  • My heart beat and soul mate, your inestimable love and care are what has given me the strength and courage to come this far. You have always been with me during the dark days, giving so much support, courage, love, and advice, and I’m proud to say that I am the person I am today because of you by my side. Indeed, saying I love you doesn’t suffice to express exactly how I feel about you, and our bond. With all sincerity of heart and purpose, I want you to know that there’s no minute I go through without thinking about how nice and loving you have been to me. Sincerely, it wouldn’t have been this easy without you, and I will always love you beyond human imagination, till the end of time.
  • Listen to me, okay? I’m in love with you. I love you every second of the day. And I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. I cry over you not because I’m in pain but because I feel so blessed that I just can’t hide my emotions. You are on my mind every moment. I’ve never missed anyone as I miss you. You are someone special to me. Please be with me ever and ever.

Sweet Long Paragraphs for Her

It goes without saying that sincere sweet words work wonders. They change a lot, indeed, making the relationship of a couple more romantic and intimate.

Even if she’s not here right now, send her sweet long paragraphs to say what you feel and remind that you miss her:

  • It’s always a pleasure seeing you smile at all times, I derive joy from that awful laughter of yours and it’s, even more, joy knowing I am the reason behind your beautiful smiles, I don’t think I can bear the sight of you being unhappy even for a second, I will give you my all because you are the queen of my heart.
  • To the most beautiful girl in the world my love and angel that mesmerizes my heart with full love and unending passion. I really met you in life and I always wish for that day when I will keep your head on my chest just because I love you and wish to live with you for the rest of my life. I will forever be yours no matter the condition because you are my baby, angel, love, and everything.
  • You are just so precious to me that I want to protect you for life. I want to protect you from everything bad and everything that might hurt you. I just want to cover you with the wings of my love and keep you happy forever. I don’t want to ever see tears in your eyes. You are the most beautiful part of my very existence and it is you who keeps me going through thick and thin.
  • When I’m with you, do you know what happens? Everything seems wonderful. All of my sad moments just disappear and I even start laughing at the stupidest joke. Do you know any magic? Or is it just me so lost in loving you?
  • I only want to be close to you because I’ve not seen this kind of love come this way. Your touch will be enough for me today; the way you make me feel is not explainable. When you look at me, I feel my temperature go high. There is this sweet sensation you create in me. I can’t stop my heart from beating for you.
  • You are my Love, my desire, my everything, a moment with you last a memory of a lifetime, I cherish everything about you, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you so much.
  • It is now strange to me to realize that an uncommon angel is my wife. Your attitude and the calmness of your nature have won my heart for you—now; I am ready to live the rest of my life with you because you are my darling love. I wish you can always be by my side to put an endless smile on my face. You belong to me the love of my life.
  • Before I met you, I had goals and an idea of what I wanted from the future. Now, all of those plans are gone. They have been replaced with dreams of what you and I will be doing together. It is impossible for me to picture a life without you in it. You are my everything.
  • I am not too good at composing romantic messages, but there’s a need to let you know that you own the most special place in my heart. I am always wrapped in love and happiness the very moment I think about how we’ve always been to each other. With you, I have learned what it means to love someone sincerely, and how it feels to be loved. I want you to know that by divine grace, you shall be the mother of my unborn children. I shall spend the rest of my life happily with you, as my strength, advisor, and support system. I assure that our bond shall always get better with time, as the best things to happen between us are still ahead. One thing to know is that I will always love you so much from the very depth of my heart, and there’s nothing I can’t do to make you smile.
  • I don’t know how to thank you for the special love you show to me; a pearl of complete love that the Lord sent into my life. Thank you, my lovely angel, my dearest treasure. I cannot stop loving you because you are now my heart and anytime you beat I feel you right in my system. I love you so much.
  • My life is colorful because you put colors to my world. Stay in my heart forever for I am enjoying the beauty of everything you made. Always have a beautiful day because the sun will always have a wonderful day because the sun will always shine on our love and make our lives attractive.
  • No word would be enough to describe the feeling of being loved by someone as beautiful as you are nor how much I love you. Your love is the music my heart beat to each and every day. And my world without you is empty and dreary. I love you so much, and I want you to know that I will never stop loving you.
  • When you are around me, my world turns around, and I feel your passion swell up inside my heart. I love you because when I lose control of myself, you pull closer. You are the sun in my sky, without you I’d be in darkness. I will love you until there is no love left in the world.
  • To know you is to love you. The moment I saw you I had a feeling, but I didn’t know, couldn’t have known, how special you were until we talked and I got to know you. Until you made me laugh, smile, frustrated, nervous, all of it. You challenge me in all the right ways. You make me a better man, a stronger person, and so much more than I could have ever hoped to be alone. It’s been amazing growing together in our love but also growing together as individuals. I look at you and I’m amazed at the woman you’ve become. A wife, a mother, an intelligent woman, a loving friend, a talented professional. You are so much to me and so much to the people around you. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t give thanks for all that you are and all that you do.
  • You are the twinkle star that sparks in my heart releasing lots of passion that cannot be overemphasized. My beloved superstar, the most wonderful gift ever in my life. You put a smile on my face and make me happy anytime I set my eyes on you.
  • You are my match made in heaven. Whenever I need you, you are there to lift me up. I am so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with you in the beginning. I am so lucky that you are my girlfriend. We, together, come to this beautiful point in our lives. A point where I find that I cannot wait to build with you, grow with you and face the future with you. You are everything I could ever want to imagine. I will never stop to love you. That I can promise.
  • Sometimes I get afraid of losing you, but you look at me with all honesty in your eyes and tell me, I will never lose you, you don’t just see me as your boyfriend, also as your best friend, father and life coach, I want you to know that you are the best girlfriend in this world, you are more than enough for me, you are perfect, honestly I couldn’t have wished for a better girl than you, it’s amazing that you are all mine, and I will never do anything to make you feel less loved. You are my world, I love you so much.
  • You’re my everyday inspiration, happiness, joy, and love. You’re my dream come true, and from the very moment I saw you, I knew I would spend the rest of my life loving you every day. You’re the first thing on my mind every morning and the last thing on my mind every night. I love you forever.
  • How can you tell the day not to be bright when it’s morning, how can you tell the trees not to dance when the wind blows, how can you tell the rain not to fall when the clouds are gloomy, how can you tell me not to love when you exist, it’s impossible my dear.
  • I have made a promise never to hurt you, and I am keeping it no matter what, you are much more important to me than my ego, I hate it when we are not on talking terms, because it’s like a part of me is dead, that’s has got to stop, and I promise to be the best companion to you, I just want to love you forever.
  • You are my best friend and my dearest treasure. You hold the key to my heart. While I fell in love with you ages ago, I never thought that you would actually be with me. You deserve far more than I can ever give you. You are like an ethereal goddess who walked into my life and changed everything. Thank you for being you.

Cute Paragraphs for Her with Emojis

Today, there are many ways to spice up the messages you write to your beloved: GIFs, little pics, and Emojis make your texts more fun, bright, and meaningful.

Moreover, all these means turn the process of writing messages into a less time-consuming task.

Now you can say ‘I miss you’ in just one click. Don’t believe? Check out these cute paragraphs for her with Emojis:

  • You give me so much, you are such an inspiration to me, you have lightened up the dark parts of me, and you have given me delight, my heart is now filled with love and I am hail and hearty. thank you, my sweetheart.
  • It was terrific setting my eyes on you for the first time, and I couldn’t get hold of myself for days, I went to sleep with the thought of your face, I am happy I was able to make a move to tell you how I feel, it’s all been pleasurable with you. You give me sweet love. I have got nothing to worry because you are the best.
  • I know that it is impossible for me to give you the world, but I can give you my heart. I promise that I will hold you close forever and always do my best to make you happy. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • There is this kind of love I never knew existed until I met you. It’s not the kind where everything is perfect and makes you happy and that’s all. No, it’s the kind of love that keeps you awake at 2 is wondering what you did to deserve such an amazing company in your life. Out of so many people in the world, somehow the universe allowed me to find this person, my best friend, my soul mate. There is this kind of love that overwhelms you, not only when I am with you but a random moment during the day when I stop to think about how lucky I am to have you. So thank you, my love, for being an amazing girlfriend these years. Thank you for making every day feels like Valentine’s day all over again, I love you so much!
  • Words only cover merely a few percents when it comes to letting you know how much you mean to me. Although my actions also contribute positively, you should know that the exact feelings dwell in my heart, and only a heart that is as wonderful as yours can ever understand it. You’re the best lady I know in life, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to let you know that I so much appreciate your love and care. I heart you so much, dear.
  • With you my life is complete because you are divinely given to me; a rare gem that should be protected with my entire capacity. You mean the world to me; the most interesting girl I have ever met in life. I love you!
  • You are such a gift to me. Having you in my life is such a blessing. Every day, I thank God that you are in my life and that you are by my side. I am so blessed to be able to call you mine and to be called yours. I pray that I will always be able to give you what you need in life and that you will always be there to hold my hand and that you will continue to walk with me on this journey that we call life.
  • One of the most amazing gifts I received from God was and still is you cos you changed my world. No one can replace you in my heart cos I value you. You are my precious pearl and a rare gem. I will love you till the end time, my angel.
  • I went all around the world to find that special one that’s for my heart alone, but while on it I understood that I might not be able to found that one who’s indeed for me. I was engrossed in this thought until you showed up and told me that there’s someone just right for me. You made me understand that it’s love which finds one. I am so delighted and glad that you came into my life, I’m so joyous that I have someone to love for all the days of my life.
  • You are the reason for my existence, I am here because of you and I promise you I would always be in a position to always welcome you into my arms, my sweet lollipop, don’t worry you won’t need to search anymore you are free and welcome to come rule my world, I am here for you sweetheart, I love you so much.
  • I don’t want to look for you anywhere except my heart and that is your place from now on. Your smile makes me know that I have a lover around me and though we may quarrel, you make me comfortable each time I see you.
  • I am already completely in love with you and have come to understand that I can no longer do without you because you are now my second nature and I will continue loving you until eternity. I am so passionate about you and will never stop to think about you for the rest of my life. You are my dearest love.
  • What I honestly have in my heart cannot be explained with ‘I love you.’ You are the reason why I wake up with a smile in the morning and the last thing on my mind before I sleep. Nothing is taking your love away from me. Not even for a second.
  • Your love is golden because it always leads me to the fun side of life. I have no regrets of meeting you. It has been a life-changing moment. My days are far better. You are the woman of my dreams, who gives me calmness even in the lonely hours. I can’t love you less, dear.
  • These last 7 months have been the best time of my life; you have made my life a billion times better. Of course, we have our ups and downs but having you as a girlfriend and best friend is the greatest thing in the world and I’ve never been this happy before. You mean more to me than the world and I know you feel the same way. I’ll do anything to make my queen happy. I’m completely in love with you and I plan to stay in love with you. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me unconditionally. Here’s to many more months that will turn into years.
  • When you smile at me, my whole world goes into a frenzy. I get lost in thought trying to imagine how beautiful the future is. I am working so hard to give you the good things in life. I am already offering you all of me.
  • My love for you has done nothing but grow and grow. And I think that the only time that this love inside me for you will stop growing… Is the day I am laid to rest. But then I shall keep loving you in the afterlife. I won’t even skip a beat.
  • Nothing will come between me and by you for our love is destined to last forever. I will be with you all through your ups and downs as you will be with me through my dark days. I will love you forever.
  • Calling you mine is one of the most important things to me. You’re unique and truly one of a kind. With you, I know that my life will always be a better and pleasing place to live in. All I want is your joy and happiness because that’s what guarantees my own happiness too. I love you, dear.
  • Before you entered my life, the world was dark. I felt cold and alone without the warmth of your love. The moment you entered my life, it was like a ray of sunshine cut through the darkness. You have brightened my life and made the impossible seem impossible. I love you.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Girlfriend to Make Her Happy

When it comes to heart matters, every single minute is the bestest and rightest time to express what you feel by sending a lovely text to your sweetheart. And can anything be better than to wake up to a morning message from your beloved?

Good morning paragraphs show how much she means to you, and how happy you are to share your life with her. Such little things are able to turn your whole relationship into an endless honeymoon stage, inspire your girlfriend and motivate her to have a win-win day.

The best part is, all you need is to check out these good morning texts, copy, and send to your girl:

  • Good morning my angel, each day comes with happiness, and this is because of you, you make me happy every morning of my life, and I want you to be happy as well, I want to wish you a splendorous day ahead without hassle and stress, remember I am a phone call away, love you lots, honey.
  • Each day, God gives me another reason and a chance to love you more than ever before, and I will always make the best use of every opportunity to show you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You’re indeed my world and my muse because, without you, I’m incomplete. I love you beyond words. Good morning to you, sunshine.
  • Good morning love. I want you to know that you can always get ahold of me. Just call me and I’ll come running. I’ll do whatever I can to help you succeed. I know that you have everything you need within you, I know that you deserve all the success in the world. So, get up and face the day!
  • Your smile brightens my day, and I want you to smile as you read my thought for you this morning because you are my sunshine. As your day kicks off, I pray you to have a fulfilled day.
  • Your presence makes my face glow with smiles, and I feel joy in my heart. With your unconditional love, I know, I’m not the old me. You have changed me for the better. Good morning my love.
  • Waking up was such a drag but now waking up seems so wonderful and do you know why? This is because I know that I have you. You are such a wonderful person to be with. I don’t mind spending my entire life with you. I love you so much!
  • As a token of my pure love, I wish you a fun filled day today. Your love has shaped me, and the new me is so interested that you enjoy today. I wish you the best of that today has to offer. Good morning.
  • I opened my heart to you, you saw demons, hates, regrets, insecurities, misplaced priorities, but that didn’t stop you from loving me, sometimes I wonder what is it you saw or how you saw it, you tell me you saw goodness in me, and that made you stay with me and fought, look all you have done in my life, you have changed me totally I am now reformed, my heart is beautiful again filled with love, all these because you love me, I doubt if I can return the favor, but let me spend my life giving you good love. Good morning my love.
  • That wonderful bird, singing near your window, is my companion, who agreed to help me to express my feelings for you.
  • I’ve loved you from the very moment you came into my life, and I will always and forever love you until the end of the age. You’re my everyday inspiration, motivation and happiness. And to you, I vow my last breath. Good morning to you, my princess.
  • I trust you are doing well today my angel, I really miss being by your side when you wake up but be rest assured we will be together very soon, I miss you a lot, Take care, I love you.
  • Having found a wonderful lady like you in my life; I became more comfortable, happy and calm. I trust you though you may not know how much you mean to me. In the beginning, I thought you won’t give me the joy I have been searching for until now I realize how lucky I love you!
  • As I open my eyes each day, all I want to see is you. Good morning, my dear, I sent you hugs and kisses in my thoughts.
  • Whether I’m sleeping, dreaming or reminiscing, it’s always you in my sleep, in my dreams, and on my mind. Everything I do revolves around you, my love, and I’m honored to be loved by you. You’re like the moon in the dark night sky, you illuminate everything that’s dark in me with your beauty and smile. I love you more than you can imagine. Good morning to you, sweetheart.
  • I used to be the type of person that would stay in bed for an hour and not want to get up. Now, I can’t wait to jump out of bed and see your beautiful face as fast as possible. Good morning my honey.
  • Every morning when I wake up the first thing hit my mind, is you. I close my eyes and picture your beautiful face in my head so I can start the day full of positivity. I feel lucky to have you in my life. You are a blessing that I will be thankful to God for the rest of my life.
  • Those three words ‘I Love You,’ so simple yet so underrated. But, from your mouth, it feels like heaven, Like that beautiful piece of music which you want to play in a loop. Have a melodious morning my love!
  • Good morning beautiful, I hope you already awake because the world cannot wait to see your great spirit and wonderful hart again. I wish you a great day ahead! And in whatever you do, know that I love you and always thinking about you!
  • You’re probably sleeping like a cute little baby right now. I just wanted to say good morning beautiful. I hope you have a smile on your face right now. In case you don’t, you better have one by now. Because your smile is just so damn pretty, and I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you have an amazing day today cutie. Good morning my love.
  • You happen to be more than what I dream of in a woman. You’re special in every ramification. You’re beautiful in and out, and you’re amazing just the way you are, and most importantly, I love you like that. Even if I were given a chance, there’s nothing I would want to change about you. Nothing! I love you more than love itself. Good morning to you, sunshine.

Goodnight Paragraphs for Her with Emojis

What can be better than to wake up to a thoughtful message from your sweetheart? Only to read something like ‘You’re always in my heart” or “I miss you so much” before you go to sleep.

Write a goodnight message to strengthen your feelings, add more romance and intimacy, keep the fire in your relationship. Add a couple of cute Emojis and send:

  • Whenever we are apart, I am constantly thinking of you. It is crazy how every little thing can remind me of you. Your smile, your laugh, and the sound of your voice are never far from my thoughts. I can remember the touch of your hand as though you are right here sitting next to me. No matter how far apart we are, you are always in my heart and in my thoughts, and your name is always on the edge of my lips. Your presence in a room makes my light feel so much lighter and my heart yearns for you when you are far away from me. Now that we are miles apart, I cannot wait until we are together again. When I see you again, I will never want to leave your side.
  • If only I could be the cool night breeze, I would spend each night caressing your skin and giving you goosebumps as you rest.
  • I can’t wait to close my eyes and think about you. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face in my sleep. You are divine because I find myself loving you more and more as the day goes by. The nights are temporary, and I can’t wait to have you in my arms tomorrow. Goodnight, my queen.
  • I am so lucky to have found a very wonderful lady like you; a unique angel that is rare to find in life—my sweet love the most interesting friend and love I ever set my eyes upon. See this light shining from your face, a blessed one that puts a smile on my face. Goodnight!
  • I have quit many habits in the past, but one habit that I don’t ever want to quit is loving you. I just wanted you to know that before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams, love. Good night. I love you.
  • It is my wish to always be with you in every moment because a moment with you is worth it in a million time. I love you my sweetheart, goodnight!
  • This message comes with a guarantee that you will have sweet dreams. When you wake up, there will be a smile on your face. Any feedback, comments or complaints must be forwarded to the Boyfriend Department where they will be given an extra kiss and hug.
  • Each morning, I wish it’s nighttime so I can dream about the most beautiful woman – you. And each night, I wish it’s daytime already, so I can show you how much I love you. Every day I wish to love you more than ever before. I cherish you forever. Goodnight, sunshine.
  • I slipped into bed tonight but was missing something. My day is not complete unless I say sweet dreams to you, my love.
  • You are my darling love the most beautiful girl I have ever met in life, having you around me is a great pleasure that can never be overemphasized. You are an excellent queen that brings joy into my life without hurting me at any point in time, just want to say goodnight!
  • As time keeps ticking by, I want you to know that you mean everything to me. Ever since I set my eyes on you, you have become my entire world and it is impossible to sleep without thinking about you. I love you gorgeous. Good night!
  • I don’t want to sleep without you by my side. I get butterflies in my stomach. I don’t want to be without you ever. Good night!
  • It’s a cold and rainy night, and the only thing that’s missing in the picture is you. Without you here by my side, I’m just feeling sad and lonely. I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts tonight, sweetie. I love you. Good night.
  • The final person I think about while visiting the mattress is you! Have a beautiful sleep with sweet dreams Sweetheart! Fantastic Night!
  • The day might not fulfill all the promises you wish, but it still gave you the opportunity to see tomorrow. Thank God for life and always know that I will be there for you during the rainy days. You are my darling, and I wish you the best of the night.
  • Enjoy sweet memories of the day as calm slumber overtakes you and fills you with a well-earned rest.
  • I wish all your dreams will be as beautiful as the picturesque of the sunset and your night will be as calm as the early morning river. And I wish all your dreams will come true and your night rest be free from nightmares. Goodnight, my baby, and do have sweet dreams.
  • Night is purer than a day; it is better for thinking, loving and dreaming. At night everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning. Good Night My Dear.
  • Your smile is my pillar because it is the first thing that comes to my thought when I feel lonely. I will appreciate you every day of my life and let the world know that I love you with my whole heart. Good night dear.
  • Good night to the most beautiful woman on this planet. You are so beautiful that all of nature of illuminates you and even the stars are jealous of such glow. You are my light and my guide and it is time for you to rest, so close your eyes and sleep well. I love you so much.