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the bleeding horse at sea

  the bleeding horse at sea By John Sweet   the bleeding horse at sea and then it turned out that the trick was just to give in to depression, and of course i felt like a fool for not … Continue reading

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All of the Above

  All of the Above By Jason Ryberg   All of the Above A book of poems is a family photo album for a spectacularly dysfunctional family, a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, wedding announcements, obituaries and concert ticket stubs, a … Continue reading

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Leadwood: A Conversation with Poet Daniel Crocker

Leadwood: A Conversation with Poet Daniel Crocker By Chase Dimock   In Leadwood, Daniel Crocker surveys twenty years of his work as a poet. Ranging from the metaphysical significance of the McRib to courageous deep dives into bipolar disorder, Crocker’s … Continue reading

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Sally with the Accent

Sally with the Accent By Kevin Ridgeway   Sally with the Accent she’s from Yonkers has white skin white hair and a bright smile she used to do social work and her insight means she can finish our  therapist’s sentences … Continue reading

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Cape Split

– Cape Split By Tobi Alfier   Cape Split       Cape Split is quite literally the “end of the world”                                     … Continue reading

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Walking West on East 5th Street

. Walking West on East 5th Street By Jeffrey Alfier   Walking West on East 5th Street                          – Benson, Arizona It is spring, and in a town that … Continue reading

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Modernist Hay Making

. Modernist Hay Making By Tim Peeler . . About the Author:  A past winner of the Jim Harrison Award for contributions to baseball literature, Tim Peeler has also twice been a Casey Award Finalist (baseball book of the year) and a finalist … Continue reading

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