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Farm Near a Bend in River Tummel

  Farm Near a Bend in River Tummel By Jeffrey Alfier   Farm Near a Bend in River Tummel There was a shed here once. If you look close, you can see grass ghosting its outline. Any tool the day … Continue reading

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Ballers 2, the Star’s Monologue 3

  Ballers 2, the Star’s Monologue 3 By Tim Peeler   Ballers 2, the Star’s Monologue 3 So he puts X=6 on the board, says I’m gonna show you how to figure out this problem and then starts drawing all … Continue reading

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Pollock Paints Reflection Of The Big Dipper

. Pollock Paints Reflection Of The Big Dipper By John Sweet . pollock paints reflection of the big dipper the sun too bright on saturday afternoon and nothing i say worth believing listen i love you i’m afraid all of … Continue reading

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Standard Time

. Standard Time By Stephen Roger Powers . Standard Time The highway to work was longer than usual the first Monday after turning back the clocks. My watch suggested I slow down. You are not late enough, it said. Daydream … Continue reading

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A Murder

. A Murder By Ruth Bavetta   A Murder Crescendo of crows, sinister as black umbrellas preening around an open grave, conclave of shadows, damascene of dark. Where gilded flickers filled the air, there is only this enormous darkness. Trees … Continue reading

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Mania Makes Me A Better Poet

. Mania Makes Me A Better Poet By Daniel Crocker   I paced up and down the front porch on a rare, cool Missouri night. “The government wants me to take pills,” I told my wife. She asked why, but … Continue reading

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Two Ghazals

Two Ghazals By Mike James . Cowboys & Cinderellas I’m waiting for the apocalypse or the rapture. In the meantime, I’m reading Stein. Also, growing cabbages, Watching John Wayne movies, while I paint my nails. Some people pretend to live … Continue reading

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