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. Relics By David Chorlton . Relics The empty habit of a priest appears between Heaven and Earth with the cross on a string of beads still flowering on the breast. His sandals, alight with needles, rest on the incline … Continue reading

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A Review of Jordan Rothacker’s And Wind Will Wash Away 

A Review of Jordan Rothacker’s And Wind Will Wash Away By Nate Ragolia Like James Joyce and Thomas Pynchon before him, Jordan A. Rothacker takes on the epic novel in his masterful debut, And Wind Will Wash Away (hereafter referred … Continue reading

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ST. EUGENIA DECLARES HER ALLEGIANCES By Sara Biggs Chaney The girl said: I am not skin, but sackcloth. She said: I am not spoke, but symphony. My rib bones, how they burn for the Son. For Him, I will suffer … Continue reading

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The Gift of the Wise Man

The Gift of a Wise Man by Janet L. Factor myrrh  n.  An aromatic gum resin obtained from trees and shrubs of the genus Commiphora, valued in the ancient world as a perfume and as an embalming agent. Traditionally, gift … Continue reading

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